FASN inhibition reduces yield of RSV A, PIV3 and HRV infectious progeny.


<p>Experiments were performed as shown in the diagram in (<b>A</b>). (<b>B</b>) A549 cells were infected with RSV A2 GFP (MOI 0.1). (<b>C</b>) HEp2 cells were infected with PIV3 (MOI 0.001). (<b>D</b>) HeLa cells were infected with HRV16 (MOI 0.0002). Progeny virus harvested from cells infected for 72 hours in the presence or absence of the FASN inhibitors TVB-3166 or TVB-2722 was used to infect Vero cells. Progeny was titered by automated microscopy (<b>B</b>) or plaque assay (<b>C, D</b>). (<b>E</b>) Infected or mock-infected cells were treated as indicated and cell viability was assessed 72 hours post treatment by Cell Titer Glo assay. Graphs represent the mean ± standard deviation of results from duplicate samples (* = <i>p</i><0.05, ** = <i>p</i><0.01, *** = <i>p</i><0.001).</p

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