Phylogenetic tree of class I fumarases and related proteins.


<p>The tree is based on amino acid sequence analysis of N-terminal part of class I fumarases consisting of one subunit (marked with”*” on the tree) and α-subunits of heterodimeric fumarases/ mesaconases/ (2<i>R</i>,3<i>R</i>)-tartrate dehydratases. (2<i>R</i>,3<i>R</i>)-Tartrate dehydratases are shown in blue, enzymes functioning <i>in vivo</i> as mesaconases in red (functions confirmed experimentally or based on the co-localization with glutamate fermentation genes). Tree topography and evolutionary distances are given by the neighbor-joining method with Poisson correction. The scale bar represents a difference of 0.1 substitutions per site. Numbers at nodes indicate the percentage bootstrap values for the clade of this group in 1000 replications. Only values above 70% were considered.</p

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