Type VII collagen is visualized at the vitreoretinal interface by immuno-TEM (epon).


<p>Immuno-electron microscopic image of the inner limiting membrane of a human retina. (<b>A-C</b>) Immunogold-labeled polyclonal antibody directed against type VII collagen (black arrows) is found in the direct vicinity of vitreous fibrils (white arrows) at the vitreoretinal interface. Some gold labeling is also situated within the inner limiting membrane (ILM). (<b>A</b>) Anterior retina, showing sparse, clustered labeling. Vitreous collagen fibrils join the retina. Bar 1 μm. (<b>B</b>) The posterior retina has frequent gold labeling at a depth of 150–200 nm in the inner limiting membrane. Bar 500 nm. (<b>C</b>) Posterior retina, gold labeling for type VII collagen is mostly at the retinal side of the vitreous fibrils. Müller cell endfeet (M) remain unlabeled. vb vitreous body. (<b>D</b>) Negative control of posterior retina shows no labeling. Bar 1μm.</p

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