Graphic representation of the relation between the SD<sup>rel</sup> of the specific energy distribution and the target volume.


<p>The relations were plotted with <a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0145786#pone.0145786.e006" target="_blank">Eq 3</a>, using k<sub>1</sub> and k<sub>2</sub> calculated by [<a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0145786#pone.0145786.ref015" target="_blank">15</a>] for <sup>60</sup>Co. The relations for doses of 0.5, 1 and 2 Gy are represented by light grey, grey and dark grey curves respectively. A target volume of around 1.6 μm<sup>3</sup> was calculated to explain the totality of the SD<sup>rel</sup> of the RIF distribution by the spread of energy specific distribution, regardless of the dose considered.</p

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