Additional file 1: Figure S1. of A rice LSD1-like-type ZFP gene OsLOL5 enhances saline-alkaline tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana, yeast and rice


Homology alignment of OsLOL5 protein with other LOL proteins from Arabidopsis and Rice. Zf-LSD1:C4-zinc finger domain was marked with *. OsLOL2 (LOC_Os12g41700), OsLOL3 (Q6ASS2), AtLSD1 (At4g20380), OsLOL4 (Q84UR0), OsLSD1 (LOC_Os08g06280), AtLOL1 (At1g32540), OsLOL5 (AJ620677), AtLOL2 (At4g21610). (JPG 2330 kb

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