<p>(A) Overall, there is higher diversity as measured by <i>PD</i> corrected for the number of sites in synonymous versus non-synonymous sites indicating purifying selection on the central <i>Mup</i> coding sequences as a whole. However, variation at a subset of non-synonymous sites appears to be under frequency-dependent selection. Consistent with frequency dependent selection, we find that (B) non-synonymous variants are found in more individuals and (C) occur at higher frequencies within individuals. (D) Simulations of the evolution of central <i>Mup</i> genes demonstrate that the patterns of variation observed here are inconsistent with neutral process and consistent with selection for distinctive phenotypes. The histogram shows the simulations that best fit the observed numbers and frequencies of non-synonymous and synonymous mutations. The fact that the best-fit simulations do not overlap zero argues for a role of selection in maintaining coding sequence diversity among the central <i>Mup</i> genes.</p

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