The contribution of the memory trace to Mixed Mode Oscillations in the Hodgkin-Huxley model with power-law n gate.


<p>The power-law dynamics was implemented with fractional derivative of order <i>η</i> = 0.7 and constant input current I = 23 nA. (A-E) Examples over a long (left) and short (right) time window of the voltage, memory trace, and gate values. The gray line is the identical simulation with <i>η</i> = 1.0. (F-H) Phase plane analysis of the same responses. (F) Phase plot of the sodium (I<sub>Na</sub>) vs I<sub>w</sub> = potassium + leak + injected currents. The red line indicates the balance current and the red square indicates the presence of an attractor. (G) Zoom in the attractor in F. (H) Same data as in G but plotting the imbalance current (I<sub>Na</sub>+I<sub>w</sub>) vs I<sub>w</sub>. The * indicates where I<sub>w</sub> starts compensating for I<sub>Na</sub>.</p

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