The predicted top regulator effects network with a consistency score of 13.0 in the brain invasive <i>vs</i>. non-invasive meningioma dataset.


<p>Effector molecules IFNG, IL1B, and TNF target a number of DEGs including <i>OCLN</i>, <i>FLT1</i>, <i>CYBB</i>, <i>MCAM</i>, <i>RGS1</i>, <i>ITGA4</i>, <i>SPP1</i>, <i>FCGR1A</i>, <i>FCGR2A</i>, <i>TLR2</i>, <i>THBS1</i>, <i>C3</i>, <i>SELPLG</i>, and <i>FCGR3A</i>/<i>FCGR3B</i>. Connected downstream functions are entitled, cell movement of myeloid cells, adhesion of blood cells, engulfment of cells, response of phagocytes, response of myeloid cells, binding of professional phagocytic cells, and recruitment of cells. Upregulated and downregulated genes in red and blue color, respectively. Asterisk indicates a gene that is represented in the dataset by more than one transcript.</p

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