Identification of Ser-39 and Ser-40 in hCKβ as the major sites of PKA phosphorylation.


<p>A) Schematic representation of potential sites of PKA phosphorylation in hCKβ as determined by mass spectrometry. <i>In vitro</i> phosphorylation of B) GST-hCKβ and GST-∆42NhCKβ recombinant fusion proteins, C) hCKβ, S39AhCKβ, S40AhCKβ, S42AhCKβ, S39A/S42AhCKβ, S40A/S42AhCKβ, and D) S39A/S40AhCKβ mutant proteins. The pictures are representative of at least two independent experiments. All CKβ mutant proteins were <i>in vitro</i> phosphorylated with 80 U PKA as described in the experimental procedures. Five micrograms of phosphorylated CKβ were loaded in each lane, and phosphorylation was detected with Pro-Q Diamond phosphoprotein stain. Total protein was stained with either Coomassie blue (B & D) or SYPRO<sup>®</sup> Ruby stain (C).</p

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