Suppression of the mRNA decay phenotype of the <i>lsm1-27</i> mutant (C-terminal truncation mutant of <i>LSM1</i>) in <i>trans</i> by the various mutant versions of the C-terminal extension peptide, upon over expression.


<p>RNA isolated from <i>lsm1-27</i> cells expressing wild type or various mutant versions of the C-terminal extension peptide of Lsm1 from multi copy <i>2μ</i> vectors were subjected to Northern analysis to reveal the <i>MFA2pG</i> mRNA and the poly(G) fragments. The fractional contribution of the poly(G) fragments to the total signal (total = full-length mRNA + trimmed and normal poly(G) fragments) was approximated for each sample via quantitation using the phosphorimager and normalized to the value obtained for <i>lsm1-27</i> cells expressing wild type C-terminal extension peptide. Samples with approximate poly(G) fragment levels that are ≥ 80%, 60% to 80% and <60% of the value for cells expressing wild type peptide are marked with +++, ++ and + below the corresponding lanes in the figure.</p

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