GlCHC reporters as seen by gSTED microscopy, standard LSCM and co-labeled with dextran-TxR.


<p>(A, B) The improved resolution of gSTED super resolution microscopy (green signal) compared to a standard LSCM signal (red signal) of the HA-tagged <i>Gl</i>CHC reporter in fixed cells indicates that <i>Gl</i>CHC assembly size is in the range of 50nm (A: inset of B). (C-E) Single optical sections of GFP-tagged <i>Gl</i>CHC-reporters (C) co-labeled with the fluid phase marker dextran-TxR (D) (E: merged images). (F, G) Surface rendering of optical sections from the cell shown in C-E shows that the <i>Gl</i>CHC-GFP reporter (green) localizes distal to the PV-marker dextran-TxR (F: ventral view, G: dorso-lateral view).</p

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