<i>CYR61</i> and <i>TAZ</i> mRNA and protein levels are significantly increased in early and late at risk BE biopsies.


<p><b>A.</b> Timeline analysis of <i>CYR61</i> (left panel) and <i>TAZ</i> (right panel) expression levels by qRT-PCR of P-BE associated with EA (t1) and in the patient-matched BE index biopsies, free of dysplasia/EA (t0). Index BE biopsies were collected at t0 while, after several years of follow-up, EA-associated BE biopsies in the P-BE group and EA-free BE biopsies in the nonP-BE group were designated as collected at t1. The average years of follow-up between t0 and t1 was 4.6 and 9.4 years for P-BE and nonP-BE samples. <b>B.</b> and <b>C.</b> panels display respectively representative samples of <i>CYR61</i> and <i>TAZ</i> protein levels in BE (t0 and t1) and in EA, evaluated by immunohistochemistry. Staining patterns used to score the protein levels (low, intermediate and high) are represented on the top right of each panel. The counts and statistical test (Pearson’s Chi-squared test) results are represented in the top left of the panels. (Magnification ×200).</p

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