Conservation of Amino Acids Between Human 12, Mouse G6pc2, Human G6PC1 and Mouse G6pc1.


<p>Sequence alignment showing the conservation of AAs between human (h) G6PC2, mouse (m) G6pc2, human G6PC1 and mouse G6pc1. Residues highlighted in green represent AAs mutation of which in G6PC1 causes GSD type 1a [<a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0162439#pone.0162439.ref040" target="_blank">40</a>]. Residues highlighted in pink represent AAs that are changed by human <i>G6PC2</i> SNPs that were identified using the UCSC Genome Browser (<a href="https://genome.ucsc.edu/" target="_blank">https://genome.ucsc.edu/</a>) and HumSAVR (<a href="http://omictools.com/humsavar-tool" target="_blank">http://omictools.com/humsavar-tool</a>) databases. Residues highlighted in yellow represent conserved AAs in human G6PC2, mouse G6pc2, human G6PC1 and mouse G6pc1 that are changed by a human <i>G6PC2</i> SNP and where mutation in G6PC1 can cause GSD type 1a. Identities are indicated by filled circles and similarities by vertical bars.</p

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