<p><b>Panel A</b>. Quantitation of negative-strand, strong-stop HIV-1 cDNA in genomic DNA of schistosomula 24 hours after exposure to intact or heat-inactivated virions. <b>Panel B</b>. Quantitation of the late, positive-strand HIV-1 cDNA in schistosomula at 24 and 48 hours after incubation with virions. <b>Panel C.</b> Schematic representation of the nested two-step, quantitative retrotransposon-anchored PCR (qRAP) for relative quantitation of HIV-1 provirus integrated into the schistosome genome. Products of the first reaction using retrotransposon-specific primers were subjected to secondary PCR using provirus-specific primers. <b>Panel D</b>. Detection of HIV-1 provirus integrated into the schistosome genome using the primer set no. 1 specific for retrotransposons <i>SR1</i> and <i>SR2</i>. <b>Panel E</b>. Detection of HIV-1 provirus detected with primer set no. 2, specific for <i>fugitive</i>, <i>SMα</i>, and <i>Boudicca</i>. Statistical analysis: Student’s <i>t</i>-test; *, **—<i>P</i> ≤ 0.05, <i>P</i> ≤ 0.01 (active vs. heat-inactivated virions). The experiments were repeated ≥ three times.</p

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