Activated microglia contact and engulf Pax6+ precursor cells.


<p>Higher magnification of pineal gland sections immunolabeled for Iba1 (red, yellow arrows), ED1 (blue, yellow arrows) and Pax6 (green, yellow arrowheads). (A<sup>1</sup>-A<sup>6</sup>) Microglial cells with an activated morphology are enriched in cytoplasmic ED1-positive bodies and engulf Pax6<sup>high</sup> nuclei and elements. (B<sup>1</sup>-B<sup>6</sup>) Microglia with few thick projections contacting and surrounding Pax6<sup>high</sup> precursor cells. (A<sup>1</sup>-A<sup>5</sup>, B<sup>1</sup>-B<sup>5</sup>) 4x and 3.6x digital zooms from 60x images, respectively; scale bar: 5 μm. (A<sup>6</sup>, B<sup>6</sup>) 3D reconstruction of phagocytic microglia/Pax6<sup>high</sup> precursor cells or elements interactions.</p

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