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E(spl) prevents precocious <i>5’-ato</i> activation.

By Adam T. Majot (595362) and Ashok P. Bidwai (595363)


<p>Mitotic clones were generated using the FLP-FRT recombination system [<a href="" target="_blank">57</a>]. WT and heterozygous tissue is marked by GFP (magenta), mutant clones are marked by the absence of GFP. (A-D) As compared to WT eye-antennal discs (A), <i>E(spl)</i> mutant tissue features persistent, unpatterned Ato (cyan) expression. (E-H) <i>ato-3’–lacZ</i> enhancer reports in a dorsoventral band that initiates within the MF (E). Loss of <i>E(spl)</i> fails to elicit any notable effect on <i>ato-3’</i> expression (cyan). (I-L) <i>5-‘ato-lacZ</i> report mimics IG and R8 patterning of Ato, with the exception that reporter is observed in R8s throughout the posterior of the tissue (I). <i>E(spl)</i> mutants feature reporter signal (cyan) that is stronger than in WT and is observed anterior of WT or heterozygous tissues. Yellow arrowhead denotes position of MF; scale bars = 20μm. Genotypes: (A) <i>w</i><sup><i>1118</i></sup>, (B-D) <i>FRT82B Df(3R)E(spl)</i><sup><i>b32</i>.<i>2</i></sup> <i>P{gro</i><sup>+</sup><i>}/FRT82B ubiGFP eyFLP</i>, (E) <i>P{w</i><sup><i>+mC</i></sup> <i>ato3’F</i>:<i>5</i>.<i>8}/+</i>, (F-H) <i>P{w</i><sup><i>+mC</i></sup> <i>ato3’F</i>:<i>5</i>.<i>8/+; FRT82B Df(3R)E(spl)</i><sup><i>b32</i>.<i>2</i></sup> <i>P{gro</i><sup>+</sup><i>}/FRT82B ubiGFP eyFLP</i>, (I) <i>P{w</i><sup><i>+mC</i></sup> <i>ato5’F</i>:<i>9</i>.<i>3}/+</i>, (J-L) <i>P{w</i><sup><i>+mC</i></sup> <i>ato5’F</i>:<i>9</i>.<i>3}/+</i>, <i>FRT82B Df(3R)E(spl)</i><sup><i>b32</i>.<i>2</i></sup> <i>P{gro</i><sup>+</sup><i>}/FRT82B ubiGFP eyFLP</i>.</p

Topics: Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Evolutionary Biology, Sociology, Developmental Biology, Cancer, Infectious Diseases, Environmental Sciences not elsewhere classified, post-translational regulation, R 8 patterning, founding R 8 photoreceptors, expression, perturbs R 8 patterning, R 8 specification Drosophila, proneural activators Ato, receptor N spl, phase, Notch
Year: 2017
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0186439.g002
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