A research had been conducted on Pangasius sp. fish patty with an addition of white oyster mushrooms and stabilizer concentrations. This research aimed to produce Pangasius sp. fish patty with selected characterization. The benefits of the research were increasing the economic value and producing Pangasius sp. fish patty with a good quality. The preliminary research determined the selected stabilizer between gum arab 1% or carrageenan 0,5% based on textural test and hedonic test. The research was carried out by experiment with two factors. They were stabilizer concentration (0,5%, 0,75%, 1%, 1,25%) and addition of white oyster mushroom (20%, 25%, 30%). The responses that was analyzed were physical response that was water holding capacity with Hamm’s method, chemical responses were moisture content with gravimetric method, protein content with Kjeldahl method, and dietary fiber content with enzymatic method for the selected product and also hedonic test. Research design applied was Randomized Block Design. Repetition performed 2 times and analyzed using ANOVA, continued by Duncan further test. The stabilizer which used in the main research was carrageenan 0,5%. Based on analysis result, the addition of white oyster mushroom affected the attributes of taste and texture and water holding capacity. The addition of stabilizer affected on the attributes of taste and texture, moisture content and water holding capacity. The interaction of the addition of oyster mushrooms and stabilizer affected the attributes of taste and texture and water holding capacity. Products selection performed with scoring test, wherein the selected products which was added 0.75% of stabilizer and 20% of white oyster mushroom (a2b1) contained 71.84% water content, 11.03% protein, 1,15g/100g total dietary fiber and 26.41% water holding capacity value, the organoleptic average value of taste, texture and aroma were 3.72, 3.48 and 3,68. Keywords: patty, Pangasius sp., white oyster mushroom, stabilize

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