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By 113020040 ANITA ISLAMIATI, DS Wisnu Cahyadi and DS Asep Dedy Sutrisno


Indonesia which country was to created ginger and mung bean comodity most largest in the world but never been to used optimal. Then forces to created inovation newkind of powder drink innovation longlasting, practical product and fungsional drinks. still rare from both of comodity, and the development diversification from both of comodity to created powder drinks still couldn't filled wants from comsumen. The purpose of this research was to determine the effect and effectiveness of ginger extract the characteristics of the physical, chemical and organoleptic in the manufacture of functional food products. The methoed of research was used of preliminary and final research. The preliminary research was to determined range concentration of sucrose, concentration ranges vary among them (40, 50, 60, and 70). microcrystalline product is then conducted organoleptic testing hedonic. The final research was determined for 2 factors, consisting of two factor A (comparison of mung bean and extract ginger) which consists of three levels a1 (1:1), a2 (2:1), a3 (1:2), factor B( sucrose concentration). which consists of three levels b1 (40%), b2 (50%), b3 (60%), which the step of process were sortation, cleaning, drowning, crushing, filtering, mixing I, mixing II, heating, and sizing. this research using by a randomized block design (RAK). Responses were used in the main research is the chemical response physics response, and Organoleptic responses. Preliminary research results indicate that the best sucrose concentration ranges are 40%, 50%, and 60 %. The primary research results indicate that the sucrose concentration, water content, and oleoresin levels were affected on reducing sugar levels affected the product oleoresin and mycrocrystall water content influence towards the long process the product. However protein levels and long process soluble were unaffected to the characteric organoleptic the product microcrystals mung bean juice, To known that protein levels was 5.5 %, creducing sugar levels was5,6-7.7 %, water content was 1,2%, oleoresin levels was 5.4-6.1%, long process soluble was 14.6/scd, and based on organoleptic test known that flavor and smell tributs were affected to characteric organoleptic, and products with comparison of mung bean and extract ginger (1:1), and consentration of sucrose 40% that all product what most liked. Keywords: Mung bean,mycrocrystall, sugar concretration, comparison of mung bean and extract ginge

Topics: S1-Skripsi
Year: 2017
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Provided by: Universitas Pasundan

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