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Photonic based Radar: Characterization of 1x4 Mach-Zehnder Demultiplexer



This work is based on a research activity which aims to implement an optical transceiver for a photonic-assisted fully–digital radar system based on optic miniaturized optical devices both for the optical generation of the radiofrequency (RF) signal and for the optical sampling of the received RF signal. The work is more focused on one very critical block of receiver which is used to parallelize optical samples. Parallelization will result in samples which will be lower in repetition rate so that we can use commercial available ADCs for further processing. This block needs a custom design to meet all the system specifications. In order to parallelize the samples a 1x4 switching matrix (demux) based on Mach Zehnder (MZ) interferometer has been proposed. The demux technique is Optical Time Division Demultiplexing. In order to operate this demux according to the requirements the characterization of device is needed. We need to find different stable control points (coupler bias and MZ bias) of demux to get output samples with high extinction ratio. A series of experiments have been performed to evaluate the matrix performance, issues and sensitivity. The evaluated results along with the whole scheme has been discussed in this document

Publisher: Pisa University
Year: 2012
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