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Bioalcohol As Green Energy -A review

By Int J Cur Sci Res. Dhrubo Jyoti Sen Yatri R. Shah


Bioethanol has now become a big industry and this industry seems to become much bigger in the near future. People regard bioethanol as renewable and sustainable new energy source, although some contraversies such as the rivalry of bioethanol for human food widely exist. Actually, bioethanol can also be a good source of basic raw materials. In early days, ethylene, the most important organic chemical raw material, was produced from dehydration of ethanol. Later, things reversed as petrochemical industry well developed after World War II, when industrial ethanol was mostly produced mainly via hydration of ethylene. Now that bioethanol has already become an important fuel blender, we should well expect that bioethanol should also be new resources for basic organic raw materials, as well as other more valuable fine and specialty chemicals, instead of merely a fuel blender. Nowadays, countless new bioethanol companies are setting up every day. It should lead to more research on bioethanol also as a starting raw chemical material

Publisher: CurrentSciDirect Publications
Year: 2011
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