Zurgada Antonova, About Guuga and Maani


Zurgada talks about two folk healers, namely Guuga and Maani bagshi. Guuga lived in Yashkul’. He was a bonesetter. His sister was also a healer and lived in Khar-Tolga where Zurgada is originally from. Zurgada tells a story about how her brother was cured by Maani. Zurgada knew Maani’s name from her childhood, because all the people in her village often talked about this healer. When Zurgada was in the third class in secondary school, her brother went blind. One day Zurgada’s father returned home from work and took her brother with him to see Maani not even knowing where he lived. On their way they came across a river and decided to stay for the night. The next day Zurgada’s father met a man whom he asked about Maani’s whereabouts. The man said that Maani had died. Despite the discouraging news, Zurgada’s father decided to carry on his journey. When they finally reached Maani’s village, it turned out that the healer was alive. Maani gave Zurgada’s brother a chunk of consecrated butter and water. After smearing the butter on his eyes and drinking the water, Zurgada’s brother was gradually cured.Sponsored by Arcadia Fund, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin

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