Fusion cross section measurements of astrophysical interest for light heavy ions systems within the STELLA project


This contribution is focused on the STELLA project (STELlar LAboratory), which aims at the measurement of fusion cross sections between light heavy ions like 12C+12C, 12C+16O or 16O+16O at deep subbarrier energies. The gamma-particle coincidence technique is used in order to reduce background contributions that become dominant for measurements in the nanobarn regime. The experimental setup composed of an ultra high vacuum reaction chamber, a set of 3 silicon strip detectors, up to 36 LaBr3(Ce) scintillators from the UK FATIMA collaboration, and a fast rotating target system will be described. The 12C+12C fusion reaction has been studied from Elab = 11 to 5.6 MeV using STELLA at the Andromède facility in Orsay, France. Preliminary commissioning results are presented in this article

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