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Synthesis, structural characterization and electrochemical activity of oxidovanadium(IV/V) complexes of a diprotic ONS chelating ligand

By Manas Sutradhar, Tannistha Roy Barman, Gurunath Mukherjee, Michael G.B. Drew and Saktiprosad Ghosh


The present work reports the chemistry of a few oxidovanadium(IV) and (V) complexes of the ONS chelating ligand S-benzyl-beta-N-(2-hydroxyphenylethylidine) dithiocarbazate (H2L). Major objective of this work is to arrive at some general conclusions about the influence of binding environment generated by the replacement of an O-donor center by a S-donor point in a ligand (of a similar arrangement of the other O- and N-donor points) on the redox behavior and on the structural features of comparable [VO(OEt)(ONS)] and [VO(OEt)(ONO)] complexes. Synthesis, characterization by various physicochemical techniques (UV-Vis, IR, EPR and elemental analysis), exploration of electrochemical activity of the oxidovanadium(V) complex [(VO)-O-V(OEt) L] (1), the mixed ligand complex [(VO)-O-V(N-O)L] (3) (where N-O is the mono anion of 8-hydroxyquinoline) and a binuclear complex [(VO)-O-V(OEt)L](2)(mu-4,4'-bipy) (2) are reported. Similar studies on of mixed ligand oxidovanadium(IV) complexes of the formula [(VO)-O-V(N-N)L] (4,5) (where N-N = 2,2'-bipy and o-phen) are also presented here. The [(VO)-O-V(OEt)L] complex is pentacoordinated and distorted square pyramidal, while the [V-IV(N-N)L] complexes are hexacoordinated and octahedral. Structural features of the complex 1 were compared with the corresponding aspects of the previously reported analogous complex [(VO)-O-V(OEt)(ONO)] (1')

Publisher: Elsevier
Year: 2010
OAI identifier: oai:centaur.reading.ac.uk:18727
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