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Studies on a few pottiaceous mosses from Australia

By Philip Sollman


Tortula flavinervis Dixon var. parviretis Sainsbury is Barbula crinita Schultz. The type of Phasconia balansae Müll. Hal. was not located, only a plate of the type material was seen. Phasconia balansae Müll. Hal. and Astomum platystegium Dixon are considered as identical. The occurrence of Weissia brachycarpa (Nees & Hornsch.) Jur. in Australia is doubtful. Comments on several nomina nuda are given. No material was located for Hymenostomum pertortile Müll. Hal. nom. nud. Weissia latiuscula Müll. Hal. is reported new for Australia

Topics: ddc:580
Year: 2004
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