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Status of the Micro Vertex Detector of the Compressed Baryonic Matter Experiment

By Michael Deveaux, Samir Amar-Youcef, Norbert Bialas, Dennis Doering, Melissa Domachowski, Horst Düring, Ingo Fröhlich, Tetyana Galatyuk, Jan Michael, Christian Müntz, Sarah Ottersbach, Paul Scharrer, Christoph Schrader, Joachim Stroth, Tobias Tischler, Christian Trageser, Bernhard Wiedemann, Jérome Baudot, Grégory Bertolone, Nathalie Chon-Sen, Claude Colledani, Rita De Masi, Andrei Dorokhov, Wojchiech Dulinski, Jean-Charles Fontaine, Mathieu Goffe, Abdelkader Himmi, Christine Hu, Kimmo Jaaskelainen, Michal Koziel, Frédéric Morel, Fouad Rami, Mathieu Specht, Isabelle Valin, Marc Winter, Christina Dritsa, Selim Seddiki and Franz M. Wagner


The CBM experiment will investigate heavy-ion collisions at beam energies from 8 to 45 AGeV\ud at the future accelerator facility FAIR. The goal of the experiment is to study the QCD phase\ud diagram in the vincinity of the QCD critical point. To do so, CBM aims at measuring rare probes\ud among them open charm. In order to identify those rare and short lived particles despite the\ud rich combinatorial background generated in heavy ion collisions, a micro vertex detector (MVD)\ud providing an unprecedented combination of high rate capability and radiation hardness, very light\ud material budget and excellent granularity is required. In this work, we will discuss the concept of\ud this detector and summarize the status of the R&D

Topics: ddc:530
Year: 2010
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