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Canadine from Corydalis turtschaninovii Stimulates Myoblast Differentiation and Protects against Myotube Atrophy

By Hyejin Lee, Sang-Jin Lee, Gyu-Un Bae, Nam-In Baek and Jae-Ha Ryu


Cachexia and sarcopenia are the main causes of muscle atrophy. These result in a reduction in the muscle fiber area, myo-protein content, and muscle strength, with various molecular modulators being involved. Although several reports have proposed potential therapeutic agents, no effective treatments have been found for muscle atrophy. We searched for myogenic modulators from medicinal plants to treat muscle diseases. We isolated six alkaloids from Corydalis turtschaninovii and evaluated their myogenic potential by using the MyoD reporter gene assay in C2C12 cells. Among the tested compounds, canadine showed the strongest transactivation of MyoD and increased MHC expression during myogenesis. The activation of p38 MAP kinase and Akt are major mechanisms that contribute to the myogenesis by canadine. Canadine increased the number of multinucleated and cylinder-shaped myotubes during myogenesis of C2C12 myoblasts. To determine the preventive effect of canadine in cancer-induced muscle wasting, differentiated C2C12 myotubes were treated with conditioned media from CT26 colon carcinoma culture (CT26 CM) in the presence of canadine. Canadine ameliorated the muscle protein degradation caused by CT26-CM by down-regulating the muscle specific-E3 ligases, MAFbx/atrogin-1 and MuRF1. In this study, we found that canadine from C. turtschaninovii stimulates myogenesis and also inhibits muscle protein degradation. Therefore, we suggest canadine as a protective agent against muscle atrophy

Topics: Corydalis turtschaninovii, isoquinoline alkaloid, canadine, myoblast differentiation, muscle atrophy, Biology (General), QH301-705.5, Chemistry, QD1-999
Publisher: MDPI AG
Year: 2017
DOI identifier: 10.3390/ijms18122748
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