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By Hannes Vitze, Hans-Wolfram Lerner and Michael Bolte


The Mg centre in the title compound, [MgBr2(C2H7N)3], is pentacoordinated in a trigonal-bipyramidal mode with the two Br atoms in axial positions and the N atoms of the dimethylamine ligands in equatorial positions. The MgII centre is located on a crystallographic twofold rotation axis. The crystal structure is stabilized by N-H...Br hydrogen bonds. The N atom and H atoms of one dimethylamine ligand are disordered over two equally occupied positions. Key indicators: single-crystal X-ray study; T = 173 K; mean σ(N–C) = 0.005 A° ; disorder in main residue; R factor = 0.022; wR factor = 0.049; data-to-parameter ratio = 21.1

Topics: ddc:540
Year: 2009
OAI identifier: oai:publikationen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de:6869

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