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Contextual equivalence in lambda-calculi extended with letrec and with a parametric polymorphic type system

By Manfred Schmidt-Schauß, David Sabel and Frederik Harwath


This paper describes a method to treat contextual equivalence in polymorphically typed lambda-calculi, and also how to transfer equivalences from the untyped versions of lambda-calculi to their typed variant, where our specific calculus has letrec, recursive types and is nondeterministic. An addition of a type label to every subexpression is all that is needed, together with some natural constraints for the consistency of the type labels and well-scopedness of expressions. One result is that an elementary but typed notion of program transformation is obtained and that untyped contextual equivalences also hold in the typed calculus as long as the expressions are well-typed. In order to have a nice interaction between reduction and typing, some reduction rules have to be accompanied with a type modification by generalizing or instantiating types

Topics: ddc:004
Year: 2009
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