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Figure 4 from: Wayland MT, Vainio JK, Gibson DI, Herniou EA, Littlewood TDJ, Väinölä R (2015) The systematics of Echinorhynchus Zoega in Müller, 1776 (Acanthocephala, Echinorhynchidae) elucidated by nuclear and mitochondrial sequence data from eight European taxa. ZooKeys 484: 25-52.

By Matthew T. Wayland, Jouni K. Vainio, David I. Gibson, Elisabeth A. Herniou, D. Timothy J. Littlewood and Risto Väinölä


Figure 4 - Phylogram estimated using Bayesian inference analysis of COI sequence data. Numbers at nodes are clade credibility values (%) for each method of phylogeny reconstruction (BI/ML/MP). Tree is rooted on the outgroup Acanthocephalus lucii

Topics: Animalia, Acanthocephala, Palaeacanthocephala, Echinorhynchida, Echinorhynchidae, Acanthocephalus, Acanthocephalus lucii, Acanthocephala, Echinorhynchus bothniensis, Echinorhynchus brayi, Echinorhynchus cinctulus, Echinorhynchus gadi, Echinorhynchus salmonis, Echinorhynchus truttae, Acanthocephalus lucii, phylogeny, molecular phylogeny, taxonomy, parasite, systematics, zoogeography
Year: 2015
DOI identifier: 10.3897/zookeys.484.9132
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