UPAYA PEWARISAN BUDAYA BELAGHAM MELALUI PENDIDIKAN DAN PERSONALISASINILAI DALAM KELUARGA : Studi Kasus Dalam Upaya Menemukan Model Pewarisan Budaya Belagham Suku Serawai di Bengkulu Selatan.


The background of this research is that there is a distortion phenomenon of values in our society, especially in the circle of young generation. Although it occurs at almost of the society, it does not relatively occurs in Serawai community. They still maintain their cultural values nowadays. Based on the fact above, the research question is formulated as follows: “What has been conducted by Serawai family in bequeathing belagham culture values through education and value personalization to thier children ? ”. The purpose of this study is to find the hypothetical model of belagham culture inheritance through education and value personalitation to children in the Serawai family. This model describes its foundation, aim, approaches, activities, content, sources and media, method and evaluation of education all value in family. This research used qualitative approach with case study in gaining data from the field. The instrument of this research is the researcher herself and the techniques used to obtain the data are: participant observation, indepth interview and document analysis. The source of research information consists of two families from Seginim village. Result of research indicated that family of Az and Zr in implementing education have their own target to make child become belagham human being. The educational foundation based on anthropologi, spirit, norm, psychologi, and social-culture. The content of education is moral values (social, ethics, spritual, work, and rule or assocciation norm in family and socialize. The media of education is all of behavior, utterance, attitude, and action of parent. The methods used are example and modeling, behavior drills, motivation, support, dialogs, advise and punishment. Assessment of attainment values personalized of belagham culture through observation of regular habits, assessment of sincerity, self-dependence, and social relation skill. From this education implementation a child obtain life skills, that is social and work skills. Personalization value at child occurs by responding behavior, utterance, attitude, and action of parent. And then the child imitates, gets sugestive action, identifies all behaviors, utterances, attitudes, action of parent and adult in their environment. The above finding as base in formulating hypothetical model of personalization values of belagham culture. That model could be implemented for value personalization and bequeath belagham culture values

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