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Assessment of risk from inhalation exposure to benzene: a case study

By Derrick Crump, Veronica M. Brown, Anthony Carson and Paul Harrison


When assessing the possible risks to human health associated with contaminated land, one of the potential pathways of exposure to be considered is the release of chemical vapours that might be inhaled by people via ambient and indoor air. Concentrations in indoor air can be relatively high because of the occurrence of preferential pathways for soil gas movement into buildings and because of a build up of concentrations in the enclosed space (Crump, 2004)

Year: 2007
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Provided by: Cranfield CERES

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  1. CrumpD(2004)Minimisingrisksduetotheingressoforganicvapoursintobuildingsfrom contaminated land. BRE Digest 482, CRC Ltd, London MannH,CrumpD&BrownV(2001)Personalexposuretobenzeneandtheinfluenceofattachedand integral garages.

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