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Adaptive gait changes due to spectacle magnification and dioptric blur in older people

By David B. Elliott and Graham J. Chapman


YesPurpose. A recent study suggested that updated spectacles could increase falls rate in older people. We hypothesized that this may be due to changes in spectacle magnification and this study assessed the effects of spectacle magnification on adaptive gait.\ud Methods. Adaptive gait and visual function was measured in 10 older adults (mean age 77.1 ┬┐ 4.3 years) with the participants┬┐ optimal refractive correction and when blurred with +1.00DS, +2.00DS, -1.00DS and -2.00DS lenses. Adaptive gait measurements for the lead and trail foot included foot position before the step, toe clearance of the step edge and foot position on the step. Vision measurements included visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and stereoacuity. \ud Results. The blur lenses led to equal decrements in visual acuity and stereoacuity for the +1.00DS and -1.00DS and the +2.00DS and -2.00DS lenses. However, they had very different effects on adaptive gait compared to the optimal correction: Positive blur lenses led to an increased distance of the feet from the step, increased vertical toe clearance and reduced distance of the lead heel position on the step. Negative lenses led to the opposite of these changes.\ud Conclusion. The adaptive gait changes did not mirror the effects of blur on vision, but were driven by the magnification changes of the lenses. Steps appear closer and larger with positive lenses and further away and smaller with negative ones. Magnification likely explains the mobility problems some older adults have with updated spectacles and after cataract surgery.Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Optician

Topics: Gait, ; Spectacle magnification, ; Dioptric blur, ; Falls; REF 2014
Year: 2010
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Provided by: Bradford Scholars

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