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Verification of Timed Automata with Deadlines in Uppaal

By Rodolfo Gomez


Timed Automata with Deadlines (TAD) is a notation to model concurrent real-time systems that has a number of advantages over mainstream Timed Automata (TA). The semantics of deadlines and synchronisation rule out the most common form of timelocks, making TAD more robust than TA w.r.t. formal verification. In addition, it is often the case that urgency is more naturally expressed with deadlines rather than invariants. However, with the exception of the IF Toolset, there are no real-time model-checkers which support TAD models. This paper extends the available tool support by offering a compositional translation from TAD networks to Uppaal's TA networks. The techniques presented in this paper allow users to benefit from Uppaal's GUI, modelling facilities and efficient verification algorithms to construct and analyze TAD models

Topics: QA76
Publisher: UKC
Year: 2008
OAI identifier: oai:kar.kent.ac.uk:23991

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