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Response of beams resting on viscoelastically damped foundation to moving oscillators

By G. Muscolino and Alessandro Palmeri


The response of beams resting on viscoelastically damped foundation under moving SDoF oscillators is scrutinized through a novel state-space formulation, in which a number of internal variables is introduced with the aim of representing the frequency-dependent behaviour of the viscoelastic foundation. A suitable single-step scheme is provided for the numerical integration of the equations of motion, and the Dimensional Analysis is applied in order to define the dimensionless combinations of the design parameters that rule the responses of beam and moving oscillator. The effects of boundary conditions, span length and number of modes of the beam, along with those of the mechanical properties of oscillator and foundation, are investigated in a new dimensionless form, and some interesting trends are highlighted. The inaccuracy associated with the use of effective values of stiffness and damping for the viscoelastic foundation, as usual in the present state-of-practice, is also quantified

Topics: Dimension Analysis, Modal Strain Energy Method, Moving Oscillator, Standard Linear Solid Model, State-Space Equation, Train-Track Interaction, Viscoelastic Foundation
Year: 2006
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Provided by: Bradford Scholars

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