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[[alternative]]A taxonomic study of Gentiana L. (Gentianaceae) of Taiwan

By [[author]]陳志雄, Chih-hsiung [[author]]Chen, 陳志雄 and Chih-hsiung Chen


[[abstract]]本論文針對臺灣產龍膽屬植物(Gentiana L.)進行分類研究,研究結果將臺 灣產龍膽屬植物處理為13個分類群及2存疑種.其中包括將狹瓣龍膽(G. angusta)併入玉山龍膽(G. scabrida),高氏龍膽(G. kaoi)併入厚葉龍膽 (G. tentyoensis);並發表兩新種-高雄龍膽(G. kaohsiungensis)與太魯 閣龍膽(G. tarokoensis),以及1新變種- 鴛鴦湖龍膽(G. flavo-maculata var. yuanyanghuensis);盧氏龍膽(G. loureirii)及大陸學者何廷農所處 理之臺灣輪葉龍膽(G. yakushimensis),因資料不足暫處理為存疑種.在外 部形態方面,花冠筒顏色及萼片形態為區分臺灣產龍膽屬植物之最重要特 徵.另外植物習性,莖之顏色以及花之大小,亦可供為分類鑑定之參考.在花 粉形態研究方面,花粉形狀及其外部雕紋提供有效之分類特徵.細胞學研究 則檢視了11個種類之染色體數目,有五種染色體基數 X= 10, 11, 12, 13, 15.其中台東龍膽(G. tenuissima)為 n= 10,黃花龍膽(G. flavo- maculata)為 n= 11,台灣龍膽(G. davidii var. formosana),鴛鴦湖龍 膽,高雄龍膽及玉山龍膽為 n= 12;伊澤山龍膽(G. itzershanensis),黑斑 龍膽(G. scabrida var.punctulata),塔塔加龍膽(G. tatakensis)及太魯 閣龍膽為 n=13.而阿里山龍膽(G.arisanensis)為 2n= 30.綜合研究結果 發現,染色體不整倍數變化及地理上之隔離,為臺灣產本屬植物演化之重要 機制. A taxonomy study of Gentiana L. (Gentianaceae) of Taiwan An extensive study on the taxonomy of the genus Gentiana L. (Gentianaceae) in Taiwan were carried out. Thirteen taxa and two uncertained taxa were treated. G. angusta was treated as synonym of G. scabrida. G. kaoi was treated as G. tentyoensis. There were two new species G. kaohsiungensis and G. tarokoensis, and a new variety G. flavo-maculata var. yuanyanghuensis were treated. G.loureirii and G. yakushimensis were treated as uncertained species for insufficiency of evidence. Corolla color and calyx-tube morphology would be the most valuable characters of classification within the genus in Taiwan. Habitus, stem color and the size of flowers were also provided for taxonomy. For palynological study, pollen morphology and exine sculpturing provided usefully taxonomic characters. Therewere eleven taxa were carried out for cytotaxonomic study. Basic chromosome numbers of x= 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15 were observed. Chromosome counts of n=10 was G. tenuissima. And n=11 was observed in G. flavo-maculata. Chromosome counts of n=12 were observed in G. davidii var. formosana, G. flavo-maculata var.yuanyanghuensis, G. kaohsiungensis and G. scabrida. Chromosome number n=13 consisted of G. itzershanensis, G. scabrida var. punctulata, G. tatakensis and G. tarokoensis. Chromosome number of G. arisanensis was n=15. Chromosome numbersof these taxa were firstly reported in this study. Aneuploidy and geographical isolation should be the important mechanism of evolution on the genus in Taiwan. A taxonomy study of Gentiana L. (Gentianaceae) of Taiwan

Topics: 龍膽屬, 分類, 花粉形態, 細胞分類, 染色體不整倍數變化, Gentiana, taxonomy, palynology, cytotaxonomy, aneuploidy, [[classification]]40
Year: 2010
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