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第十六族元素(S、 Se、 Te)混合錳與鐵及鉛鐵之金屬團簇化合物的合成及其相關性研究

By [[author]]鄭尹威, [[author]]YiWei Cheng, 鄭尹威 and YiWei Cheng


[[abstract]]Reaction of [Et4N]2[PbFe3(CO)12] with C3H5Br at room temperature for 14 hours produced the netural complex Fe2(CO)9. When [Et4N]2[PbFe3(CO)12] reacts with Mn(CO)5Br in refluxing CH3CN solution for 6 days, the trigonal bipyramidal cluster [Et4N]2[Pb2Fe5(CO)17] was obtained. If [Et4N]2[Pb{Fe(CO)4}2{Fe2(CO)8}] reacted with HBF4 at room temperature after 4 days, the trigonal bipyramidal cluster [Et4N]2[Pb2Fe5(CO)17] and the red compound [Et4N][HFe2(CO)8] could be afforded. Furthermore, the reaction of [Et4N]2[Pb{Fe(CO)4}2{Fe2(CO)8}] with CH3COCl at room temperature for 4 days, the known complex [HFe2(CO)8]- was produced. When [Et4N]2[Pb{Fe(CO)4}2{Fe2(CO)8}] were treated with AgNO3 at room temperature for 3 days, the cluster [Et4N][Fe3(CO)9(μ3-OH)] with μ3-OH was produced. Finally, the reaction of [Et4N]2[Pb{Fe(CO)4}2{Fe2(CO)8}] with Mn(CO)5Br/AgBF4 gave the trigonal-planar compound [Et4N][Fe2Mn(CO)12]. When S, Se, or Te powder was added into the mixture of Mn2(CO)10 and Fe(CO)5 in 6.5 M KOH/MeOH solution followed by the precipitation with [PPN]Cl, the clusters [PPN]2[E2FeMn2(CO)9] (E = S, Se, Te) were produced. Three complexes display the E2FeMn2 square pyramidal geometry, which obeys the EAN Rule. If the mixed-metal clusters [PPN]2[E2Mn2Fe(CO)9] (E = S, Se, Te) were further treated with [Cu(CH3CN)4][BF4], [PPN]2[E2Mn2Fe(CO)9] (E = S, Se) would undergo bond-cleavage and formation processes to produce the purple complexes [PPN][E2Mn3Fe(CO)12] (E = S, Se).

Topics: 硫, 硒, 碲, Sulfur, Selenium, Tellurium, [[classification]]39
Year: 2010
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