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[[alternative]]The research of the cultural industry and cultural marketing of Taiwan aborigines --- A case study of Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation

By [[author]]陳世昌 and 陳世昌


[[abstract]]This research , taking Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation as an example , tries to discuss some questions about the management of cultural industry and the implement of the cultural marketing. Based on historical documents, the author tires to understand the economical changes of Bunum tribe and how their habitations are used to develop leisure, cultural and tourism industry during different stages of economical development in Taiwan. Then, the result can show the advantages for tribes to work on leisure, travel and cultural industry. Moreover, the author takes Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation in Yen-Ping Village in Taitung County, Taiwan for example, using the participation observation, intensive interview and questionnaire investigation to find out what the target market is, what the blindspot is, what the fault in management and control is, how the tourists are satisfied and if they want to go back again. What are mentioned above can be utilized for the inferences to have sustainable management. The last step is to examine the interaction between Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation and village trying to explain the reason of intensive relationship between them and to build good interaction in the future on the phases of culture, economy , society and politics. According to the result of document analysis, participation observation, intensive interview and questionnaire investigation, the author divides the outcomes into the following three parts: cultural marketing, tourist satisfactory, and community relationship Cultural marketing 1. The mission of management and short-term goal, and different recognitions between directors and employees 2. The lack of full planning, such as SWOT analysis、 investigation of market goal、 products、price、place、promotion. 3. The lack of professional managers and the lack of efficiency in working. Besides, the style of family business management makes the employees feel that they don't have a chance of promoting. In addition, the combination of accounting and cashier disobeys the principle of Accounting;Employees generally expect a more systematic system. Tourist satisfactory 1. Most tourists who stay here live in southern Taiwan. There are also many tourists from Taipei City and Taipei County during winter and summer vacation. Office workers and government employees whose salaries are among 20,000 to 70,000 visit here from time to time. Therefore, the target market is quite clear. 2. What the tourists are satisfied with the most is the cultural experience offered and what the tourist are satisfied with the least is the price of the products. 3. Tourists are willing to visit here again. More than 91% of the tourists would like to visit here again. Community relationship 1. Culture: Culture is tending to be sold as products; the culture spirit that the products convey is partly unconnected to the culture of the tribe. 2. Economy: It doesn’t have chained economic reactions with the tribe. Instead, it seems to be an independent economy. 3. Society: New communicative relationship is expected to build in social interactions. 4. Politics: Because of the different opinions about politics, sometimes, there might be opposite positions. According to the result of this research, the author has three suggestions to the Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation and the people of village: Culture marketing 1. Based on balance of power, condense the staff's missions into the goal in accordance with the director's. 2. Plan the marketing tactic in a more scientific way. For example, further confirmation of the environment they are going to face, the implement pricing of the difference, finding the target market, active strike, application of more multiple marketing combination and distribution of power. 3. Introduce professional manager to built culture character professional ways of management. In order to check and balance, separate accounting from cashier. Furthermore, drama performance should be more professional and delicate. Establish partner relationship between directors and staff . Build a fairer, opener, and more moderate system. Tourist satisfaction 1. Lock on the tourists in the areas to the south of Chiayi County and Chayi City, and the tourists in Taipei County and Taipei City. 2. Tourists in these areas are satisfied with the cultural experience. The authorities should deepen cultural spirit, so that the tourists can have different feelings when they come back again,. And the most dissatisfying restaurant should be improved immediately, so that when tourists come back again, they can know the improvement of Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation. 3. Tourists are willing to come back again. Therefore, Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation should manage in different ways to increase the chances of contacting with latent customers. Community relationship 1. Culture: Connect o the culture with the tribe as soon as possible and communicate with each other about the recognition toward culture. Then, build modern culture spirit from traditional culture. 2. Economy: Build intergrowth economical relationship. 3. Society: Continue Priest White's spirit. Treat one another with empathy. 4. Politics Abandon ideological thinking. Respect one another and respect the spirit of democracy with open minds.

Topics: 台灣原住民, 文化產業, 文化行銷, 布農部落屋, 顧客滿意度, Taiwan aborigines, cultural industry, cultural marketing, Bunun Cultural and Educational Foundation, tourist satisfactory, [[classification]]19
Year: 2010
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