“Villain” Types in Maghtumguly Legends


The legends which are one of the examples of the oral narrative traditions of Turkmen literature, are the narrative stories that include the people related to the public beliefs, places and the events and that are believed to be the true by the audience. In the Turkmen literature, there are legends in different types not only talking about the persons, places (castles) and etc. but also telling of the stories of the historical personalities. The legends about the famous Turkmen poet Maghtumguly are one of those types. There are different studies conducted on the legends that are public narratives. One of these is typology studies, as well. In the literary texts, there are two main contrary types. Non-existence of one of those will make the existence of the other meaningless. One is the hero that is positive type (protagonist) and the other is negative enemy type (antagonist). In the literary works, there certainly exist one negative enemy type against the positive hero. These types can be classified as the hostile leading types, women types, deceitful types, close relatives and friend types. Analyzing the types in the literary works, it is provided to reveal out the cultural richness. In this context, it is analyzed the enemy types by examining the available legend texts about the famous Turkmen poet Maghtumguly

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