Off-shell effects in the relativistic mean field model and their role in CC (anti)neutrino scattering at MiniBooNE kinematics


The relativistic mean field (RMF) model is used to describe nucleons in the nucleus and thereby to evaluate the effects of having dynamically off-shell spinors. Compared with free, on-shell nucleons as employed in some other models, within the RMF nucleons are described by relativistic spinors with strongly enhanced lower components. In this work it is seen that for MiniBooNE kinematics, neutrino charged-current quasielastic cross sections show some sensitivity to these off-shell effects, while for the antineutrino-nucleus case the total cross sections are seen to be essentially independent of the enhancement of the lower components. As was found to be the case when comparing the RMF results with the neutrino-nucleus data, the present impulse approximation predictions within the RMF also fall short of the MiniBooNE antineutrino-nucleus data.U.S. Department of Energy DE-FC02-94ER40818Fondos FEDER FIS2011-28738-C02-01 y FPA2010-17142Spanish Consolider-Ingenio 2000 program CPAN CSD2007-0004

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