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By 孫慶文


[[abstract]]「色彩」所指稱的現象可謂包羅萬象;在學界針對色彩所進行的研究,大致由 色彩設計與心理以及色彩科學與應用兩個取向出發(例如Color Association of Taiwan (CAT) 主辦之「2007 色彩學研討會」)。然而無論由美學設計或是科學應用出發的色彩 研究,都指出人類對色彩的感知,在不同層面具有不同的意義。要認識什麼是色彩,所 牽涉到的乃是由視覺到心理,乃至文化層面的問題。 本系列研究計劃探討色彩訊息被理解及收錄的認知歷程,特別是人類對色彩的 記憶的問題。計劃藉由傳統認知科學訊息處理流程的基礎理論,將記憶依編碼特性、處 理容量,以及儲存時間之實驗證據分為感覺記憶,短期記憶與長期記憶等三類,探討人 類對色彩訊息的記憶,是否可依這個原本由語意文字編碼材料發展出來的理論模式加以 解釋?在今年已結案的計劃中(NSC 95-2411-H-034-009),作者使用視覺心理物理實驗的 方法,探討色彩的感覺記憶模式。初步的探討認為色彩記憶的編碼特性與色彩訊息的記 憶有直接之關聯。本年度計劃提案探討色彩記憶的恆常性問題,參考Jin & Shevell (1996) 在不同的觀測條件中,對色彩刺激樣本的記憶的研究方法,針對在記憶學習色彩與回憶 再認色彩時,色彩刺激的呈現背景與光源之變化會如何影響記憶的色彩與其中表現出的 色彩恆常性現象。本研究計劃的成果將可做為視覺傳達設計與數位影像傳播中應用色彩 的重要參考資料。 Color is a term that carries multiple meanings. It can be considered, in different disciplines, as a quality of light, decorations of the world, surface properties of objects, or an important element of design. However, color is one kind of visual information that generated during the visual processing. As visual information, color can be studied by following the information processing paradigm of cognitive psychology. In the present proposal, I suggest a series of researches about the cognitive issues of color, especially focused on the memory of color. The three memory systems, sensory storage, short-term memory, and long-term memory, which have been well accepted by cognitive psychologists, are to be tested in order to see if human subjects will have similar memory structure for color, here I treat it as one kind of visual information that can be encoded perceptually and conceptually. In an earlier research proposal sponsored by the National Science Council, I designed an experiment where the sensory memory properties about color are tested. For the present proposal, I suggest another experiment to explore the importance of image background on color memory and color constancy

Year: 2009
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