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By 郭欽慧


[[abstract]]本計劃將延續水文作用在構造活躍區與懸浮沉積物之相關性研究,本年度(九十八年度)將把觀察重心移至台東鹿野溪,不但持續收集懸浮沉積物在時間上與空間上的分布而且著重在豪大雨下之特性,更要測試地質岩性與地體構造活動下之懸浮沉積物之時空變化與意義。我們之所以提出本研究計畫,主要是因為我們在整理前兩年在台灣西南所執行的計畫之資料時,發現無法確實有效的評估區分出地質岩性在懸浮沉積物產生之影響;所以我們認為這是一個很值得持續的研究計畫。本研究區域正好有構造邊緣橫切過本河流,分成上游變質岩區與下游第四季沉積物之區別。因此、我們覺得若要評估在相似水文作用下地質岩性對懸浮沉積物產生之影響,本研究區域是非常理想的地點。在這裡、我們有很好的機會來評估上下游相鄰但不同地質基岩與不同地體構造活動下之河段其懸浮沉積物之傳輸主要受何種因素影響?以及可能影響兩者間關係的其他因素。本計劃將密集採集極端事件例如颱風及夏季降雨前到降雨後之水樣分析其懸浮沉積物濃度、顆粒分析及礦物岩性分析等。另外也會利用DEM來連結河流蜿蜒度(sinuosity)與岩性及降雨的關係。這關係的建立對於了解基岩下的河道之侵蝕作用會有很大助益。 本系於上學年新採購了一部雷射粒徑分析儀且已於2008四月測試完成;本雷射粒徑分析儀正好可以輔助本計劃之順利進行,野外採集樣本就可以直接在本系量測不必像往年要到處排時間做實驗。 臺灣不但具有活躍大地構造運動、相似之水文條件及短距離下豐富之地質變化使得臺灣成為研究懸浮沉積物之傳輸的理想地方。懸浮沉積物之傳輸研究不但與侵蝕有關,可以幫助釐清板塊運動的機制;更會影響海岸線之消長,對國土保安有一定之重要性。 We are proposing a new collaborate project to examine the impact of geology to suspended sediment transport and to study the relationships between active suspended sediment transportation in watersheds under intensive hydrological inputs. The reason we are interested in this subject is that we have facing a dilemma that we have difficulty to distinguish the impact of geology to suspended sediment under the same hydrological system for the last two proposals. Therefore we have done a preliminary study in Luyeh Chi, Taitung, and found it is an idea area for this study. There is an active tectonic boundary at the mountain front to separate the relative undisturbed and metamorphic rocks in the upper stream regime from the Quaternary deposits. If there is a chance to observe the impact from different geology regimes under the same hydrological system; this is the place. We would like to make a at lease one year project to evaluate the impact in the Luyeh Chi, Taitung as a starting point. We also would like to establish the relationship between sinuosity and rock type and rainfalls by using DEM. This establishment is important to the understanding of regional bed rock erodibility. Moreover, we have just newly acquired a Leaser Particle Analyzer from school fund, which would be just perfect for the project. This instrument can be used to measure suspended sediment taken from the field. Taiwan provides a unique opportunity to complete the spectrum relationship between hydrological inputs and active tectonic bedrock regions. This project will allow us to understand the processes better on the response of suspended sediments to hydrological inputs at different bedrock regions in Taiwan

Topics: 構造活躍區, 懸浮沉積物, 蜿蜒度, 侵蝕
Year: 2009
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