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USA's Intervention i Colombia

By Emil Suhr Andersen, Benjamin Chabert, Allan Hassaniyan, Eigil Johannisson, Omar El-Youssef and Christoffer Kofoed-Jensen


In our project we address the theme: US interventionism fin Colombia. We sought to find the main reasons and mechanisms behind the US interventionism in Colombia from 1989 to 2010 with main focus on the period 1989 to our days. We employed the two paradigms in international politics, neomarxism and realism, to find an explanation for the US foreign policy in Colombia. These two paradigms have different focus for explaining the US policies: neomarxism emphasize the role of economy and realism puts focus on power and strategic motive as the main factor in US foreign policies. We analyze this in relation to our case and we conclude which of these two paradigms are delivering the most satisfactory explanation of US interventionism foreign policy in Colombia after 1989 and until today

Topics: USA, Colombia, international politik, neomarxisme, realisme, paradigmer
Year: 2010
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