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Electricity transmission: an overview of the current debate

By Gert Brunekreeft, Karsten Neuhoff and David Newbery


Electricity transmission has emerged as critical for successfully liberalising powermarkets. This paper surveys the issues currently under discussion and provides a framework for the remaining papers in this issue. We conclude that signalling the efficient location of generation investment might require even a competitive LMP system to be complemented with deep connection charges. Although a Europe-wide LMP system is desirable, it appears politically problematic, so an integrated system of market coupling, possibly evolving by voluntary participation, should have high priority. Merchant investors may be able to increase interconnector capacity, although this is not unproblematic and raises new regulatory issues. A key issue that needs further research is how to better incentivize TSOs, especially with respect to cross-border issues

Topics: Classification-JEL: L4, L5, L94, Electricity, Transmission, Regulation, Prices, Merchant Investment
Publisher: Faculty of Economics
Year: 2006
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Provided by: Apollo

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