Selección de sistema de vacío utilizando bombas tipo distribuidor giratorío para máquina llenadora de cerveza


The present article refers to the implementation of a new technology of rotary vane vacuums pumps in a filling machine of beer. The reason why the vacuum is applied to the bottle is to remove the oxygen in its interior and thereby sustain the allowed values of TPO Total Packing Oxygen, preventing oxidation of the product and lose their organoleptic characteristics. This is a process that until now was performed with liquid ring vacuum pumps using water as a liquid sealant and that after 10 years of continuous work have lost their capacity to generate the vacuum required by the system and must be replaced necessarily. Presenting two alternatives, maintaining the same technology for the vacuum pumps, or change to rotary vane vacuum pumps. I first analyzed the performance curves of existing vacuum pumps for comparison with the rotary vane and certify that can generate the same levels of vacuum and then compared in a matrix of all parameters involved decision to finally decide for the rotary vane vacuum pumps and proceed with the selection of power, tank and other accessories needed to completed the system. The result is a new technology of a rotary distributor pumps to generate the required vacuum with less power and also avoids the waste of water as a measure of commitment to the environment

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