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Poly[μ3-chlorido-μ2-chloridodichlorido(μ-dimethyl sulfoxide-κ2O:S)(dimethyl sulfoxide-κO)(μ-pyrimidine-κ2N:N′)ruthenium(III)sodium]

By Skylar Ferrara, Ava Kreider-Mueller, Joseph M. Tanski and Craig M. Anderson


The title complex, [NaRuCl4(C4H4N2)(C2H6OS)2]n, is the sodium salt of monoanionic octahedral [RuIIICl4(pyrimidine)(DMSO)]− in which the sulfur-bound dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and pyrimidine ligand are oriented trans to one another on the RuIII atom. The average of the four Ru—Cl bond lengths is 2.355 (15) Å, and the Ru—S and Ru—N bond lengths are 2.2853 (3) and 2.1165 (11) Å, respectively. The complex forms a chain, with a six-coordinate sodium ion bridging the ruthenium(III) units. The sodium cation is coordinated by cis-chloride ligands on ruthenium [Na—Cl = 2.9576 (7) and 2.6988 (7) Å], chloride and DMSO ligands from the ruthenium complexes related by inversion [Na—Cl and Na—O = 2.8888 (7) and 2.2623 (12) Å, respectively], a nitrogen ligand from the pyrimidine of the tetrachloridoruthenium(III) complex related by the twofold rotation axis [Na—N = 2.5224 (14) Å] and an oxygen-bound DMSO [Na—O = 2.3165 (12) Å]

Topics: Chemistry, QD1-999, Science, Q, DOAJ:Chemistry (General), DOAJ:Chemistry
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Year: 2011
DOI identifier: 10.1107/S1600536811017211
OAI identifier:
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