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EDTA-Reduction of Water to Molecular Hydrogen Catalyzed by Visible-Light-Response TiO2-Based Materials Sensitized by Dawson- and Keggin-Type Rhenium(V)-Containing Polyoxotungstates

By Yusuke Kataoka, Konomi Sato, Hidekuni Amano, Masao Kato, Kazunobu Hara, Chika Nozaki Kato and Wasuke Mori


The synthesis and characterization of a Keggin-type mono-rhenium(V)-substituted polyoxotungstate are described. The dimethylammonium salt [Me2NH2]4[PW11ReVO40] was obtained as analytically pure homogeneous black-purple crystals by reacting mono-lacunary Keggin polyoxotungstate with [ReIVCl6]2- in water, followed by crystallization from acetone at ca. 5 °C. Single-crystal X-ray structural analysis of [PW11ReVO40]4- revealed a monomeric structure with overall Td symmetry. Characterization of [Me2NH2]4[PW11ReVO40] was also accomplished by elemental analysis, magnetic susceptibility, TG/DTA, FTIR, UV-vis, diffuse reflectance (DR) UV-vis, and solution 31P-NMR spectroscopy. Furthermore, [PW11ReVO40]4- and the Dawson-type dirhenium(V)-oxido-bridged polyoxotungstate [O{ReV(OH)(α2-P2W17O61)}2]14- were supported onto anatase TiO2 surface by the precipitation methods using CsCl and Pt(NH3)4Cl2. With these materials, hydrogen evolution from water in the presence of EDTA⋅2Na (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid disodium salt) under visible light irradiation (≥400 nm) was achieved

Topics: polyoxometalate, rhenium, titanium dioxide, hydrogen evolution, visible light, Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials, TA401-492, Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering, TK1-9971, Technology, T, DOAJ:Materials, DOAJ:Technology and Engineering, Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General), TA1-2040, Microscopy, QH201-278.5, Descriptive and experimental mechanics, QC120-168.85
Publisher: MDPI AG
Year: 2010
DOI identifier: 10.3390/ma3020897
OAI identifier:
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