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Alternative uses of sorghum and pearl millet in Asia: proceedings of the Expert Meeting

By - CFC and - ICRISAT


Both sorghum and pearl millet are staple food crops for the poor people in the semi-arid tropics\ud (SAT). However, during the last two decades both crops are becoming less important as staple\ud foods in SAT countries. Demand for coarse cereals (such as sorghum and pearl millet) as human\ud food is decreasing in many countries, due to increased production and availability of preferred\ud cereals (such as rice and wheat) at subsidized prices. The poor farmers in rainfed SAT cannot grow\ud other crops, and are economically impacted negatively, as they do not get reasonable price for their\ud produce. However, possibilities of alternative uses of sorghum and pearl millet are creating new\ud opportunities that have potential to increase market demand and income to farmers.\ud An Expert Meeting on "Alternative Uses of Sorghum and Pearl Millet in Asia" was\ud organized to: (i) synthesize the available information and assess the future outlook for increasing\ud the demand and expanding market opportunities for alternative uses of sorghum and pearl\ud millet wi t h special reference to alternative novel food products, livestock feed, starch and\ud brewing/distilling industries; (ii) assess existing and improved sorghum and pearl millet\ud cultivars for suitability of alternative uses mentioned above; and (iii) identify potential players\ud and opportunities for stimulating the institutional alliances among public, private, industry and\ud NGO sectors to enhance alternative uses and market demand. Sixty participants from China,\ud India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, USA and ICRISAT discussed the various aspects\ud (mentioned above) to enhance the utilization of sorghum and pearl millet that would lead to\ud sustained market demand for these crops. This, in turn, would ensure increased income and\ud better livelihoods for the resource-poor sorghum and pearl millet farmers in the SAT countries.\ud The proceedings document the 22 papers presented at the expert meeting to serve as a\ud valuable reference book on alternative uses of sorghum and pearl millet

Topics: Millets, Sorghum
Publisher: International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
Year: 2004
OAI identifier:

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