AhIRT1 and AhNRAMP1 metal transporter expression correlates with Cd uptake in peanuts under iron deficiency.


Fe deficiency may increase Cd accumulation in peanuts. However, the mechanisms are not yet fully understood. In the present study, two contrasting peanut cultivars, Luhua 8 (low seed-Cd cultivar) and Zhenghong 3 (high seed-Cd cultivar) were used to investigate the effect of Fe deficiency on the uptake and accumulation of cadmium (Cd) by hydroponic experiments. Under Fe-sufficient conditions, compared with Luhua 8, Zhenghong 3 had higher specific root length (SRL) and proportion of fine roots with a lower Km for Cd and showed slightly higher expression of AhIRT1 and AhNRAMP1 in the roots. These traits may be responsible for high capacity for Cd accumulation in Zhenghong 3. Under Fe deficiency, the increase of Cd accumulation was much larger in Zhenghong 3 than in Luhua 8. Kinetics studies revealed that the Vmax for Cd influx was 1.56-fold higher in Fe-deficient plants than in Fe-sufficient plants for Zhenghong 3, versus 0.48-fold higher for Luhua 8. Moreover, the increased expression levels of AhIRT1 and AhNRAMP1 induced by Fe deficiency was higher in Zhenghong 3 than in Luhua 8. Yeast complementation assays suggested that the AhIRT1 and AhNRAMP1 may function as transporters involved in Cd uptake. In conclusion, the different Cd accumulation between the two cultivars under Fe deficiency may be correlated with Vmax value for Cd uptake and the expression levels of AhIRT1 and AhNRAMP1 in the roots

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