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Ru(4+) ion in CeO(2) (Ce(0.95)Ru(0.05)O(2-delta)): A non-deactivating, non-platinum catalyst for water gas shift reaction

By Preetam Singh, N Mahadevaiah, Sanjit K Parida and MS Hegde


Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier and highest energy density fuel. Water gas shift (WGS) reaction is an important reaction to generate hydrogen from steam reforming of CO. A new WGS catalyst, Ce(1-x)Ru(x)O(2-delta) (0 <= x <= 0.1) was prepared by hydrothermal method using melamine as a complexing agent. The Catalyst does not require any pre-treatment. Among the several compositions prepared and tested, Ce(0.95)Ru(0.05)O(2-delta) (5% Ru(4+) ion substituted in CeO(2)) showed very high WGS activity in terms of high conversion rate (20.5 mu mol.g(-1).s(-1) at 275 degrees C) and low activation energy (12.1 kcal/mol). Over 99% conversion of CO to CO(2) by H(2)O is observed with 100% H(2) selectivity at >= 275 degrees C. In presence of externally fed CO(2) and H(2) also, complete conversion of CO to CO(2) was observed with 100% H(2) selectivity in the temperature range of 305-385 degrees C. Catalyst does not deactivate in long duration on/off WGS reaction cycle due to absence of surface carbon and carbonate formation and sintering of Ru. Due to highly acidic nature of Ru(4+) ion, surface carbonate formation is also inhibited. Sintering of noble metal (Ru) is avoided in this catalyst because Ru remains in Ru(4+) ionic state in the Ce(1-x)Ru(x)O(2-delta) catalyst

Topics: Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit
Publisher: Indian Academy of Sciences
Year: 2011
OAI identifier: oai:eprints.iisc.ernet.in:41939
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