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A waveguide polarization toolset design based on mode beating

By D.C. Hutchings and B.M. Holmes


A toolset of waveguide elements is examined, which can be combined to produce polarization functional devices in a single contiguous waveguide. In particular, waveguide implementations of an optical isolator and a polarization modulator are discussed. The waveguide elements, i.e., quasi-phase-matched nonreciprocal polarization mode converter, reciprocal polarization mode converter (R-PMC), and a differential phase shifter, are all based on mode beating. A universal 3-dB R-PMC specification is identified, which suffices for all the polarization functional devices considered here. A full-vectorial modesolver is used to determine the modes in a number of example III–V waveguide structures, and the polarization state evolution is considered by using an averaged Stokes vector illustrated on the Poincaré sphere constr

Topics: TK, QC
Publisher: I E E E
Year: 2011
OAI identifier:
Provided by: Enlighten

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